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× see.

But now I'm back :)
Thought I would start submitting some photos again
So Enjoy

:sun:  Yeaaah!!!:sun:

I just got myself a new camera,:camera:
after almost 2 years without one of my own!

So these last few days
-I've been taking a lot of photos. and will add a lot of pic's this summer :dance:

:love:  So keep an eye out for some new stuff

Here again, taking pictures and travelin' around
Been to Paris & Oktoberfest!
...but had no camera... YEAH I know.. sucks :cry:

:dance: comment photos, stay a while, dance around
See Ya :D
:sun::relax: The summer is here! ...and soon to be gone :O

And I have taken :camera: SO MANY GREAT PHOTOS! :rofl:
Ha Ha Haaa ;)  And I Don't have the time! to submit even a 10th of them all ^^;

Cuz I'm working 8 h a day 6 days aweek ALL summer :worker:
:sleep: So I'll try to have some fun and enjoy my sundays off :headbang:

^^; and soon one day I'll be submitting a hole lot of shots for ya :w00t:

:sun: Have a great one!
:sun::sun::sun::sun::sun: the SUMMER ISSUE :sun::sun::sun::sun::sun:

:giggle: :camera: :heart: Sorry for submitting so many BABY photos ^^;
- I JUST CAN'T HELP IT  ^_____^  They are just so cute! :hug:

:orange: :cowboy: And I went to Stockholm last week and took a hooole lot of cool photos, :eyepopping:
...that I'm going to upload soon :w00t: so hang in there!

--------- and Here: Have a BABY! :rofl:…

:sun: Get out now, and enjoy the SUN! :relax:  *I'm working all summer long* :cry: :camera: :worker:
:giggle: Yey! Today we had a great day! :boogie:

The cutest little chiuaua called Majsan joined us in the studio for a hole day of fun :hug:
I just couldn't stop huggin' her, between the different shots I took of her, I want a doggiee (T_T);
So now I just submitted a hole lot of photos of her, :heart:
sorry for spamming deviantart ^^;
I just love photography and animals so much!

:judge: She was a really friendly and adorable model, putting up with all my background changes and all:slow:
~(*_*) ~ Just great! So I gotta take more photos of her in the future ;) Just U wait and see!
:blowkiss: Good Luck ..and Good Night...  :sleep:

:hump: :heart:
Ahh I'm all sick and aaaaall alonee :sleep:
IBut I gotta get better now So much Work Work tomorrow like Dr Alban said :D wooo
can't wright righT or ih, got a fever~ gonna add some new shit later now back to my Alicë *moviee in german* I don't understand shit ..or yeah thats about the only german word I do understrandfff

see ya, :sick:
Today we had the Grand Opening of our new mall here in my home town, called: "Storgatan61",
Its a project for young people, starting their own businesses,

I was one of the stores, a PhotoStudio -shop, :dance: and it was GREAT! so much fun to meet all the people and lots of future buissenes was planed, :party:

:beer: And tonight we are going to PARTYYY  :absolut: after weeks and weeks of hard work, late nights building stuff, painting, & early mornings -studying the art of creating your own business ^^;

:#1:We are 8 new store's and 4 offices that have created a new galleria in the center of Lulea,
we are all between 18-30 years old, and we get a lot of help learning all about how to "set up your company for the first time" ~by Innovation Norrbotten Who made all this possible :hug:

gotta go Tell ya more later! :drunk:
HELP! :dance:

I'm starting my own company this week :w00t:
A Photo Studio! *Yeey* here in my home town.

And I really need to come up with a REALLY REALLY cool-fun-creative-great name!

:heart: So If you guys have any suggestions feel free to post em'!
Hey! :D Today I got home from the New Year's -holiday in Italy

We visited lots of famous cities and towns, Florens, Pisa and spent NewYears Eve at a Club in Milan'
Great trip and ...sometimes really nice weather!  HA HA SNOWSTORM when our plane landed in Milan :XD: then we went south and the snow went away,

and Simone finaly took us to the sea :blowkiss:
And the scenery was truly amazing: at ~Lerici~ and the 'Bay of Poets'.
We ate really really good pizza at the yacht harbour.

Saw a lot of famous stuff n you know :popcorn: ate lots of good pasta ;) & parma & pastrami and and and!! :faint::giggle:

And WOW my kittens has grown so much in a week :kitty:
And I missed my boyfriend so much, :date:

:sleep:Gotta go sleep now see ya tomorrow
- When I'm gonna submit lots of Italy-photos :w00t:
YEY :w00t: Finally today, we are leaving for Italy, New years in Milano! :floating:
Me, Simone, Malin and Irina. :bump:
:sun: And it's going to be a hole lot warmer, than here in Sweden :beer:^^;

:dance: bringin my :camera: :psychotic: of course! :heart:
:#1:So be looking out for lots and lots of 'Pizza-Pasta-and Pisa-photos' when I get back ;)
...around January 8th :XD:

:bye: Miss ya all :blowkiss:
OK :#1:This is my very first Journal entry ever!!! :dance:

I just wanted to tell you guys! ...That my cat Taco is having her kittens RIGHT NOW!!!
*__*   Ahhh Don't know what to doooo  :faint: :giggle:

:boogie:  And I'm all bloody and taking pictures and stuff! *GOTTA GO*  But I'll be back soon this hour with lots of "Beeing-Born-n all bloody-photos from Taco and our cute kittens ^___^  Naawwhh!!!!

/Maria & Taco! :kitty: